Our Tempting Tiramisu
49 ₪
Topped with cocoa crumble and served with coffee icecream
Lotus Cheesecake
53 ₪
Pistachio crumble, chilled cheesecake cream, pistachio mousse, and crumbled Lotus cookies, drizzled with strawberry coulis and served with pistachio ice cream
49 ₪
Italian donuts stuffed with ricotta, orange flavored whipped cream, and white chocolate cream, served with mascarpone ice cream, and topped with amarena cherries and cinnamon crumble
Chocolate Tart
53 ₪
Topped with caramelized banana, passion fruit, popcorn, and white chocolate meringue, served with peanut butter ice cream
Sheep's Milk Yogurt Panna Cotta
49 ₪
Rosewater ice cream with mint coulis, Florentine tuile, coconut crumble, and olive oil
Sicilian Cannoli
49 ₪
Filled with whipped citrus flavored pastry cream and served with meringue, strawberry mascarpone cream, and cherry ice cream
Pistachio Crème Brûlée
47 ₪
Vanilla ice cream with pistachio crumble and strawberries
22 ₪
Scoop of vanilla ice cream with a shot of hot espresso

Hot Drinks

12/15 ₪
11/14 ₪
12 ₪
Mint Tea
12 ₪
Pot of Herbal Tea
25 ₪
Italian Amaretto Cappuccino
17 ₪
Double Espresso
13 ₪
Short / Long Espresso
10 ₪